Event Board and Directors

Steve Swatlowski

I have been snowmobiling since 1976, back home in North Dakota, mainly running diches and the river banks, riding the trails in Northern Minnesota. In the summer of 2008 we moved to Denver Colorado and I quickly join the Mile-High Snowmobile Club. I wanted to ride with people who knew the terrain and had knowledge of the Back country. Over the last 9 years, I have met some great people and continue to meet more snowmobile enthusiastic snowmobilers. 3 years ago, I took over as President of the Mile-High Snowmobile Club here in Denver. While it’s been challenging, it has been very rewording. This year with the Help of Chad Doughty and a few sponsors, we are putting together a Heroes of Freedom Ride for our veterans. Please contact us with any questions.

Chad Doughty

I started riding snowmobiles with my Dad and Grandfatherin upstate New York when I was about 4 years old, Both my dad and grandfather had Ski Doo 440 olympic's which I learned to ride on. I learned quickly after moving here that mountain riding is alot different than upstate New York trail riding. I have since bought a new Ski Doo 800 Summit 163 track in order to learn more about mountain riding. I Hope to become a better mountain rider to help teach others and keep the sport alive.

Joined the Military February 28,2002 in Myrtle Beach, SC

Deployed to Iraq 2004/2005

Transferred from South Carolina to West Virginia in 2012

Was Batallion recruiter for 2/19th Special Forces Group in Kenova WV from 2012-2015

Transferred to Colorado Army National Guard in Oct 2015, still AGR for the COARNG where i plan to finish my military career and retire here in Colorado.